Efrat is available to present at conferences.
Previous presentations include:

“Strategic Planning for a Competitive Marketplace: The Changing Role of Customer Satisfaction”.
Ninth Annual Customer Satisfaction and Quality Measurement Conference of the American Marketing Association (AMA)
and the American Society of Quality Control (ASQC). New Orleans, Louisiana.

“Voice of the Customer: Customer Satisfaction Measurement Results, Recommendations and Action Plans”.
Sixth Biennial Marketing Research Symposium of the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI). Los Angeles, California.

“Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty: Challenges for the Electric Utility Industry in a New Competitive Era”.
The Twelfth International Conference of the Israel Society for Quality. Jerusalem, Israel.

“Using Customer Satisfaction to Drive Service Delivery Process Improvement”.
Annual Conference of the Israel Association for Organization Development (IAOD). Rupin Institute, Israel.