Advancing Women’s Causes
Advancing Women’s Causes
Advancing Women’s Causes

Our Vision

We are dedicated to promoting women’s equality and welfare around the world and to supporting women in education, business and workforce development.

We believe in collaborating with international
women’s organizations and foundations to achieve goals which improve the quality of life of women everywhere.  Strategic partnerships can empower women to take control over their lives and become responsible for their own destinies.

Advancing Women’s Causes

Consultation Services

We support female entrepreneurs growing their businesses and striving for success by providing a strategic roadmap and practical tools such as best management practices, customer feedback,
surveys and research.

Our work in advancing entrepreneurship has provided us with a broad perspective on issues like gender equality, advancement of women in higher education and in the workforce, in addition to the wellbeing of children around the globe.

We consult for individuals, businesses and organizations seeking to advocate for women’s health, economic success, political rights and safety.


Advancing Women’s Causes

Speaking Engagements

We are available for speaking engagements and conferences.

Example of topics include:

  • Strengthening the Status of Women in Society,  Education and the Workforce
  • Leadership Potential and Economic Empowerment through Female Entrepreneurship
  • Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs to Succeed in the  Global Economy
  • Additional topics are available according to your organizational needs